How to us Iron-on decals

Step 1:
Choose your cloth – it Must be cotton, polyester or a mix of both.
Hint: Look at the tag!

Step 2:
Remove all creases from the cloth

Step 3:
Place your vinyl decal in a nice position on your cloth
Hint: Cover the decal with clean paper  or cloth

Step 4:
Heat up your iron /hair straightener / heat-press to 151°C press down for 15-30 sec
Hint: Press down hard and peel the plastic off slowly when checking if ready

Step 5:
Wear your brand new, homemade, upcycled clothing!

Helpful Tips:

Do not steam
Do not burn yourself
Wash after 12 hours
Wash inside out


Max wash cycle 60°C
Avoid excessive heat
Dry as normal